Monday 18 May 2009

Home Extensions Made Easy

The Essential Guide To Successfully Extending Your Home

This is the complete guide for home owners who are thinking of Extending, Altering or Upgrading their property.

19 Page ebook updated for 2023

Extending your property does not have to be stressful, find out HERE all the information you need to successfully Extend, Alter or Upgrade your home.

Some of the areas H.E.M.E covers:

  • Where to start

  • "Taking the right advice early on will allow you to shape the project in the right direction during the early stages, which will save a lot of agonising later on."

  • Your preparation

  • "You should prepare for this meeting by having your own needs firmly established in your own mind. Do not worry at this stage that you do not know what is allowed or what is possible, this is the job of your consultant."

  • Choice of consultant

  • Legal requirements

  • Building warrants

  • Planning permission

  • Fees and Expenses

  • For budgeting purposes you should expect to pay between. . . . "

  • Construction

This essential guide is offered at the low cost of £9.99 payable through pay pal or bank transfer, contact below for details.

This a 19 page ebook

Available through Paypal or bank transfer. 

Home Extensions Made Easy ebook

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